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Are you bothered by the noisy street outside? Are you sick of feeling that draft sneaking through your windows? Indow offers inserts to solve whatever may be making your home uncomfortable. They come in a variety of grade options to meet your specific needs and to be your solution for drafty noisy windows. Enjoy energy savings and noise reduction.
ENERGY SAVINGS - Indow inserts provide double-pane window efficiency for your single-pane windows but at a much lower cost which saves you 20% on energy costs.

DRAFTS ELIMINATED - Block cold drafts and hot summer air better than traditional double-pane windows.

EASY TO USE  -  Lightweight and compression- fit design  so you can an install and remove them easily.

NOISE REDUCTION  -  Reduce noise by 50% to 70% for single-pane glass windows. 

PRESERVE HISTORIC WINDOWS  - Want to preserve the historic windows of your home?  Indow inserts are your solution for drafty noisy windows  since they improve the performance of your windows, without changing the appearance of your windows.

Historic review board approved

Since our inserts do not replace your existing historic windows, they ensure you retain your historic preservation status. 
Solution for noisy drafty windows

Price Options

Standard Grade:
$27 / Sq. Ft.
$324 for an average window. Our baseline product.

The clear acrylic panel provides a great balance of comfort, efficiency and noise reduction.

Standard grade is a solution for drafty noisy windows at an affordable price. 
Premium Grade:
 $36 / Sq. Ft.
$432 for an average window. 4 premium grade options are available for optimal sound and light protection - Acoustic Grade, Museum Grade, Privacy Grace, and Shade Grade. 

The premium grades are a solution for drafty noisy windows but with additional benefits.


Solution for noisy drafty windows
Let's discuss your project!       We can provide estimates over the phone, as well as in person.
solution for noisy drafty windows
We measure each window with our 6-point precision laser system for accuracy.
Solution for noisy drafty windows
Using these precision measurements, we provide you an official quote prior to placing your order.
Solution for noisy drafty windows
After your custom Indow window inserts are built, we arrange for them to be delivered and installed.


Why should I buy Indow inserts instead of buying new windows?
  • Indow adds insulation and efficiency without construction costs and mess.
  • You may keep the historic windows that preserve the original look of the building.
  • Old windows contain rare, dense old-growth wood that has insulation properties.
  • It’s hard and very expensive to replicate the historic windows.
  • Indow inserts can give your single-pane windows the same performance of standard double-pane windows. 
What type of savings and benefits can Indow deliver?
  • Indow inserts can give your single-pane glass windows the same performance as modern double-pane windows.
  • Seals out drafts better than double-pane windows.
  • Energy savings equal to double-pane windows.
  • Save 20% on energy bills.
Will Indow inserts reduct noise?
For single-pane glass windows, standard grade inserts will reduce noise coming through the windows up to 50%. Acoustic Grade inserts are twice as thick as standard grade and can reduce noise up to 70%. For double-pane windows, Acoustic Grade inserts can reduce noise by up to 50%. 
Will Indow inserts filter out damaging UV rays?
If sun damage to furniture, woodwork or carpeting is a concern, consider using the Museum Grade, which blocks out 98% of UV rays.
What are the requirements of the window frames?
The window opening must have a flat, continuous, unobstructed surface which is at least ⅝” wide which runs the entire window perimeter. As far as window design, Indow inserts can be custom built to fit nearly any shape including squares, rectangles, and even dome-shaped openings. 
What types of windows are Indow inserts not suited for?
Indow inserts are designed for the inside primary windows. Indow should not be used on screened-in porches or recreational vehicles where movement could dislodge the inserts.
How do Indow inserts stay within the window opening?
A patented compression tube presses against the inside the window frame opening and holds the Indow insert in place.
Is it difficult to push in, or remove Indow inserts?
It’s easy to remove Indow inserts. Simply pull the D-ring to loosen the insert. Next, unhook the two safety chains (if used). For re-installation, align each corner with the window frame and press it into place. We recommend pressing the sides into place first. If you have difficulty, please watch our installation video by clicking here.
What type of construction is required for the installation?
Very little construction is generally required. Two small screws to hold the safety chain brackets is required in most situations. Mullion dividers (when used) require small L-brackets screwed into frames for support.
I am interested, how do I get an estimate?
Please contact us at: 804-364-1965 or send us an email explaining some details of your project, and we'll be happy to help!
“I purchased a home on the National Historic Register, built in the early 1900's. The Indow inserts eliminated the drafts and made my windows much more energy efficient.  I upgraded to the acoustic grade which reduced the street noise by as much as 70%.  I first ordered them for my bedroom, and I was so pleased I later ordered them for my living room.  No more car and bus noises driving down the street!”
- Chris S. - Architect
Church Hill - Richmond, VA
“ Our house was built in the 1840's.  We're in an historic district, so there are restrictions to the changes we can make to the front of the building.  Since the Indow inserts go on the inside, they were perfect for us.  The inserts fit perfectly.  Once they were in, we immediately noticed a reduction in the noise from the street, and the rooms upstairs and downstairs were warmer and less drafty.”
- Ellen A.
Church Hill - Richmond, VA
“ I have metal framed double-pane windows that let in a lot of road noise.  Due to the historic exterior architecture limitations and cost, replacing the windows with triple-pane windows was not feasible.  The Indow acoustic inserts make a noticeable difference in the reduction of noise”
- Douglas P.
The Fan - Richmond, VA

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