Reduce Energy Costs

And Get Comfortable

Reduce Energy Costs and Get Comfortable

Custom Window Inserts Create Comfort
Save 20% on your energy bill all-year by insulating windows with Indow window insets.  Drafty windows make your home cold in the winter as heat flows outside.  In the summer, they force your air conditioner to work extra hard.  Window replacement is one solution, but it can be expensive and disruptive.   Insulated windows make a huge difference in comfort and energy  savings and can be as easy as installing window inserts.  Whether your'e trying to keep historic windows to preserve the value of your home or want to enhance the performance of newer windows, Indow inserts will regulate the temperature to make you comfortable year-round.  

Warmer During Winter, Cooler During Summer

Heat is quickly lost through windows in cold weather. 

The thermal images taken in cold weather show the difference Indow inserts make to reducing heat loss.  The window on the left does not have a Indow insert.  The window on the right is a much darker red - this indicates higher warmth, and less heat loss.

In the winter inserts keep out the cold, while during the summer, they block out hot air - we call this year-round energy efficiency. 
Thermal Image Window Comparisons

                  4 Ways Indow Inserts Reduce Energy Costs by 20%

1. Increasing the Insulation R-Value

Single-pane windows typically have an R-Value of 1.0.

Double-pane windows typically have an R-Value of 2.0.

By adding an Indow insert of any grade to a single-pane window the combined R-Value jumps to 1.87.
Reduce energy cost with Indow Inserts
2. Eliminating Cold Surfaces

Cold surfaces such as glass windows, draw your body heat away making you feel uncomfortable which causes you to turn up the thermostat.

Indow's acrylic maintains an interior surface temperature close to the room air temperature by insulating you from the cold glass surface.  This allows you to lower the thermostat and save money and get comfortable.
Save energy block drafts
3. Eliminating Drafts

No need to heat or cool the extra air flowing into your living space through your window.

Indow's patented silicone compression seal combined with our precision measurements make for seal a much tighter than double-pane windows.
Block drafts Indow inserts
4. Reduce Solar Heat Gain

Single-pane windows have a high solar gain coefficient of 0.86.  By adding an Indow insert, this reduces it to between 0.47 to 0.75 which is comparable to double-pane windows.

Consider the shade grade Indow inserts for rooms that heat up due to direct sunlight which can reduce solar heat gain through window by 53%,

Save money on your air-conditioning bill.

Solar Heat Gain though Window

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