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Window Inserts For Business

Improve the comfort of your tenants, guests, or visitors with our custom window inserts by blocking drafts and blocking noise. Make your single-pane windows perform like modern double-pane windows without the cost of window replacement. A great choice for historic structures where the original windows need to be preserved.

Why Choose Window Inserts

Energy Efficiency


Precision laser-measured to fit your windows, our custom-made inserts seal off the window opening and prevent drafts that put unwanted strain on your HVAC system.  They also increase the R-value of the windows, reduce solar heat gain, and help you meet energy-efficiency requirements.

Improve Comfort


Block outside noise for both modern and historic windows as much as 70%.  Block drafts and reduce window condensation for the comfort of your building’s occupants.

Historic Tax Credits


Retain your building’s aesthetics and architectural charm while improving its efficiency. Our inserts are perfect for adaptive reuse as they preserve the look of historic windows while improving your building’s efficiency.

Find the acrylic grade that meets your needs:


  • Baseline product
  • Clear 1/8 inch (nominal) thick acrylic


  • Extra abrasion and chemical resistant coating
  • Ideal for applications where cleaning staff may use ammonia-based cleaners


  • Clear 1/4 inch (nominal) thick acrylic
  • Reduces noise up to 70%


  • Blocks up to 98% of UV Rays
  • Protect & preserve art, furnishings, and flooring

Ask us for more information on additional grade options.

Ready to Get Started? 

Get in touch with our Window Experts today.

We’ll help you find the right product, take precision measurements for you, and arrange for installation.

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