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Indow Performance Data
Adaptive Reuse Window Preservation
Indow insert + single-pane performance numbers are from independent testing conducted by Portland State University's Green Building Research Lab.  

In order for Indow window inserts to fit properly there must be an unobstructed flat surface
perpendicular to the window pane with a depth of at least 5/8" that runs the entire perimeter
of the window. We call this Frame Depth.   Common Obstructions are inset window treatments (blinds), hardware, hooks, locks and hinges.

Solutions for less than 5/8" Frame Depth. In some cases, where there is less than 5/8", removing or replacing molding or installing a jamb extension can create room for the Indow inserts to fit. If the frame depth is just under 5/8" clear clips can be attached to the window frame to hold the Indow insert in place (see right). 


A. Acrylic Glazing A custom cut pane of acrylic forms the main component
of an Indow insert and is available in a variety of grades to meet performance needs.

B. Air Space An insulating layer of air between the existing window pane and the Indow
insert. The ideal space is 1-3", but can be greater for maximum acoustic performance.

C. Compression Tube Silicone edging around the acrylic glazing creates a tight seal
and holds the Indow insert firmly in place. It is impervious to heat, cold, UV radiation
and maintains its spring indefinitely.

D. D-Ring A pull-ring is attached 4" above the lower left corner of the insert to aid in removal. Silver D-ring used for white tubing and black d-ring used for brown and black tubing.

Acrylic Weight (Approximate)
1/8" thick  = 1 lb./sq. ft.
1/4" thick  = 1.75 lb./sq. ft.

Indow window inserts comply with egress regulations. In an emergency, occupants
should be able to quickly remove the Indow inserts. In a young child’s bedroom,
we recommend leaving one window bare with no insert installed.

E. Safety Hardware is used on windows larger than 8 sq. ft. to prevent the Indow insert
from falling out of the window frame in the event of high wind pressure. The Safety
Hardware is inconspicuously anchored to the window frame by one small screw.

4X8 Sleep Panel, Privacy, Acoustic Commercial.
6X8 Standard, Commercial, Museum, Acoustic.

Larger window openings can be divided into more than one insert using mullion window dividers.

Note on Color: Currently, the Compression Tube is available in brown, light linen white
and black. Custom colors are available for large commercial orders. Call to inquire.

Indow inserts should not be exposed to temperatures above 160°F (71°C) for continuous
service, or 180°F (82°C) for short, intermittent periods of time.

Indow Hardware

                                                                                      Acrylic Grade Options

All acrylic grades for Indow inserts seal out drafts and heat. All increase the R insulation value of single-pane windows to 1.87. And all reduce noise coming through windows by at least 50%. 

We can help you choose the right acrylic grade to meet your needs.  Since we custom insert for each of our windows, we can provide your inserts of different grades for windows within the same building.   
Acryllic Grades


Care for Acrylic
Indow window inserts are made from acrylic sheets. If not cared for properly, acrylic will scratch or cloud. Unfortunately we are not able to cover scratching under our warranty, or clouding due to the use of ammonia, alcohol, bleach based or acidic cleaners. Do not use any cleaners like Windex, Clorox, lemon or vinegar solutions. Do not use paper towels, newspapers or rough cloth. Use only microfiber cloth,

We recommend the Indow Cleaning Kit to clean your Indow inserts safely. We provide this for no additional cost with qualifying orders.  It has a spray bottle, castile soap and a soft microfiber cloth.

Commercial Grade Acrylic:
Only if you have purchased Indow Commercial Grade, may you use regular window cleaning solutions on the inserts (ammonia, alcohol, bleach, etc). A non-abrasive cloth is still recommended.  Unlike the the other grades, the Commercial Grade has a protective coating making it ideal for locations where it is difficult to control the hired cleaning staff, such as hotels and office buildings.
Indow acrylic cleaning kit
To learn more about Indow inserts and their benefits please start with the Product page.
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