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Noisy drafty windows  in commercial buildings impact the bottom line.

THE PROBLEM - Noisy drafty windows in a commercial building impact your bottom line. Not just in high energy bills as the air you’ve heated or cooled flies out the window but productivity drops for uncomfortable employees. Guests and tenants may give bad reviews or leave early, however replacing windows is expensive and disruptive.

THE SOLUTION - Indow’s award-winning window inserts are made of acrylic and edged with our patented silicone compression tubing. They press into the interior of existing window frames where the tubing holds the insert securely in place while sealing out drafts and noise.

EASY TO INSTALL- Indow inserts do not require damaging mounting frames, brackets or magnetic strips.  This makes installation fast and easy with minimal disruption for your guests and tenants.

ENERGY SAVINGS - Save 20% on energy costs.

DRAFT REDUCTION - Indow inserts block cold drafts and hot summer air better than traditional double-pane windows.
NOISE REDUCTION- Reduce noise 50% to 70% coming through your single-pane glass windows. 

HISTORIC TAX CREDITS - Helps preserve the single-pane windows which helps you qualify for historic tax credits.

Ideal for Adaptive Reuse!

Need to preserve your commercial windows for historic tax credits? Indow window inserts helps you qualify.
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Solution for noisy drafty windows
Free estimates can be based on architectural drawings and/or site visits. We coordinate with qualified installers in your area.
solution for noisy drafty windows
All windows will need 6-point precision laser measurements prior to a final quote. There is a one-time measurement fee.
Solution for noisy drafty windows
After the final quote is delivered, your order is placed. Typical lead-time for delivery is anywhere from 3 to 7 weeks.
Solution for noisy drafty windows
After your custom Indow window inserts are built and shipped, we arrange for installation by a licensed contractor in your area.
"The installation was seamless due to the professionalism and communications by the local Indow Dealer.  There were no resident complaints and the process was completed sooner than expected."
-Property Managers of Mezzo Lofts
Richmond, VA
"I cannot put a dollar figure on it but we were giving away lots of money before we installed the Indow window inserts.  I don't think I've given many credits since we installed the inserts, which is huge because we used to get noise complaints on a regular basis."
-Christina Norton, General Manager of The Commonwealth Hotel
Richmond, VA


Why should I purchase Commercial Grade Indow inserts?
Commercial Grade has an extra abrasion resistant coating which provides protection from scratching and frequent cleaning. Unlike our standard grade inserts, Commercial Grade inserts can be cleaned with ammonia or vinegar-based cleaners. In situations where the owner cannot control the cleaning solutions or techniques used by the cleaning crews or tenants, specifying commercial grade is recommended. 
What type of savings and benefits can Indow deliver?
Commercial Indow inserts deliver up to 20% in energy bill savings as well as a 50-70% reduction in noise. 
What are the requirements of the window frames?
The window opening must have a flat, continuous, unobstructed surface which is at least ⅝” wide which runs the entire window perimeter. As far as window design, Indow inserts can be custom built to fit nearly any shape including squares, rectangles, and even dome-shaped openings.
What are the largest window inserts Indow provides?
  • 6 ft. x 8 ft. Standard, Commercial & Museum
  • 5 ft. x 10 ft. Standard & Commercial
  • 4 ft. x 8 ft. Privacy & Sleep panels
  • Large windows may be divided into more than one insert either horizontally or vertically using mullions.
How does installation work?
We send an experienced & licensed contractor to install your Indow inserts. The price for installation varies based on the scope of the project.
How do I get an estimate?
For commercial estimates, contact Curt Nuenighoff at 804-364-1965 or email Please provide us with as much information as you can about your project. Free estimates can made based on take-offs from architectural drawings and/or site visits.
How do I get an official quote and place my order?
All windows that are part of the project will need 6-point precision laser measurements prior to ordering. There is a one-time measurement fee for this process. After the quote is calculated, we take a deposit to place the custom window order.
How long does it take to get the insert?
Lead-time often varies based on the time of year and the scope of the project. For larger jobs, it can typically take 3 to 7 weeks to receive your product.

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