Indow vs. Replacement Windows

Storm Windows vs. Replacement Windows

If you’re considering storm windows vs replacement windows, you know there are many options. Both will increase the comfort and efficiency of your home or building. For replacement windows, there’s new construction and replication. For storm windows, there’s exterior and interior storm windows.

When looking at storm windows or window inserts vs full replacement, you want an upgrade from what you already have. You want to reduce noise and drafts, increase energy savings and ease of care. You’ll also want to think about how it will affect the appearance of your home and whether you want to be able to open your windows. We’ll cover all of that in this comparison.
Cost of Storm Windows vs Replacement Windows

Compared to full replacement windows, interior storm window inserts cost on average 75% less than wood replacement windows and 50% less than vinyl replacement windows, fully installed.

According to Remodeling, 2019 cost for:
Vinyl window replacement is $16,000.
Wood window replacement is $20,526.
The equivalent job for Indow window inserts would cost $3,600.

Vinyl is the least expensive replacement window, but it will not last very long. Energy Star windows, which are on the higher end, are not as energy efficient as interior storm windows, so will not save as much money on bills.

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Storm Windows vs Replacement Windows: Construction

Both replacement windows and storm windows are available in a variety of construction types. This is a huge benefit for both, but it also mean there’s an overwhelming amount of information to wade through.

Generally, replacement windows will be made of a glass that is either double- or triple-pane for insulation. Air or gas is injected between the panes for even more energy efficiency. The pane(s) are surrounded by a frame of aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, or clad—interior of wood, exterior of one of the former.

Storm windows, both interior and exterior, are made of a glass or acrylic panel with a wood or metal frame. Storm windows are placed over your existing windows and attached to the window frame using screws, caulk, a track system, or a compression system. Some you will be able to open your window easily, some you need to remove the storm window to do so.
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Storm Windows vs Regular Windows: Performance

Any new window will perform better than an old window alone, especially if you are coming from a single pane to a double or triple. The performance of your replacement window is going to depend on the kind you get. 

Adding storm windows to existing windows can make them perform almost like new. If you have particularly old windows, you may need to restore them before adding storm windows to see efficiency gains like new windows, but the investment is worth it.

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Window Inserts vs Full Replacement: Installation & Aesthetic

Replacement windows, once installed, will have a fresh, clean look. There’s no need for restoration or continued maintenance if you go with vinyl windows over wood. A variety of window shapes are available in replacement windows.

Original windows are part of a building’s original design. Replacement windows can seem out of place compared to the rest of the home’s aesthetic, even when a custom shape is applied. If you have an older home, architectural board approval is often needed before removing any old windows. Replication windows can be made, but those are often costly and still may not meet historic board approval.

If you are placing storm windows in your home, you can maintain the original design intention. You can also choose just one or two problem windows to upgrade. With replacement windows, you would want to upgrade all windows at once to maintain a consistent look.
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