Indow In DC

Just outside Washington D.C. in Montgomery Ward is a little bungalow. JR Smith, the owner, adored the house but realized soon after moving in that the train tracks 2 ½ blocks away were an issue. Not wanting to mess with buying new windows, Smith began to search for solutions to solve his problem.

Wanting to preserve his homes four-over-one windows with leaded glass, inserts seemed the best option. Not only did he want noise-reduction, but he always wanted privacy in his bathrooms and more restful sleep. Smith used multiple insert options throughout his 1923 home to solve his issues, without degrading the historic integrity.  

Smith noticed the changes immediately. His utility bills dropped $100 a month even though the only changes he had made were the window inserts. The train noises also improved, but there were more improvements to come. 

JR spent time in Sicily, Italy, where blackout blinds are standard features in bedrooms. Enjoying this aspect, Smith sought to re-create this in his home. He started with buying blackout curtains from the store and taping it via velcro to the frame of the window. Dissatisfied with the amount of light still coming in, JR utilized the blackout inserts Indow offers. Retired from the military, JR wakes up early, but not as early as the sun rises. Wanting to sleep till 7 a.m., but being woken up at 5:30 every morning was frustrating.

“If there’s a ray of light coming in the window, I’m up,” JR said. Every night, prior to going to bed, Smith switches out the transparent Indow inserts for the Sleep Panel. The sleep panel provides the same amount of energy efficiency as the transparent inserts, but makes the room pitch black. In the morning, he swaps them back out again.

Lastly, Smith bought the translucent Privacy Grade for his bathroom. The privacy grade allows for light to come in, without the need for curtains. JR was able to check off all of his boxes using Indow inserts.
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