Indow Acrylic Grades Options

Different Options to Match Your Needs

Indow Acrylic Grades

All  Indow acrylic grades options for internal window inserts seal out drafts and heat.
All increase the R insulation value of single pane windows from 1.0 to 1.87. And all reduce noise coming through windows by at least 50%. 

We can help you choose the right acrylic grade to meet your needs, whether you need to block noise, reduce damaging UV rays or need privacy.
  We can provide you inserts of different grades for windows within the same building.   Please see below the differences for the various grades we offer.

                                                          Indow Acrylic Grade Options for Different Needs

INDOW ACRYLIC GRADE OPTIONS - as shown - top to bottom

Privacy - frosted
Sleep Panel - "Black Out"
Acryllic Grades
Acrylic Grade Table Indow

                                                                            Care and Cleaning Information

All Indow acrylic grade options for inserts are all made from high quality acrylic sheets. If not cared for properly, acrylic will scratch or cloud. Unfortunately we are not able to cover scratching under our warranty, or clouding due to the use of ammonia, alcohol, bleach based or acidic cleaners. Do not use any cleaners like Windex, Clorox, lemon or vinegar solutions. Do not use paper towels, newspapers or rough cloth. Use only microfiber cloth,

We recommend the Indow Cleaning Kit to clean your Indow inserts safely. We provide this for no additional cost with qualifying orders.  It has a spray bottle, castile soap and a soft microfiber cloth.

Only if you have purchased Indow Commercial Grade, may you use regular window cleaning solutions on the inserts (ammonia, alcohol, bleach, etc). A non-abrasive cloth is still recommended.  Unlike the other grades, the Commercial Grade has a protective coating making it ideal for locations where it is difficult to control the hired cleaning staff, such as hotels and office buildings.
Indow acrylic cleaning kit
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