Increase Insulation

Increase R-Value of Windows with Indow

                      Increase R-Value Insulation and Save Money

Windows are one of the main culprits for heat and cold loss in a building especially those with single pane windows.

Single-pane windows only have an R-Value of 1.0.  
By adding an Indow insert to single-pane windows the R Value nearly doubles to 1.87 which is very close to double-pane windows.

Heat is quickly lost trough window in cold weather.

The thermal images taken in cold weather shows the difference Indow inserts make to
reducing heat loss. The window on the left does not have a Indow insert. The window on the
right is a much darker red - this indicates higher warmth, and less heat loss.
In the winter inserts keep out the cold, while during the summer, they block out hot air - we
call this year-round energy efficiency.
Thermal Image Window Comparisons
Increase Perceived Temperature

To really keep cold air from coming through your windows and increase the perceived temperature, you need to increase insulation and eliminate cold window surfaces.

You can add another layer of insulating material and air with window inserts.

Indow creates an air pocket between the insert and the window for more insulation.  Because the insert is on the inside of the room, it raises the surface temperature of the window opening.  Indow inserts have a huge impact on the mean radiant room temperature.  
man freezing next to cold window portrait
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