Main Benefits of Indow Window Inserts

Increase the Efficiency of Single-Pane Windows!

Dont' replace your windows, upgrade them!

Increase the performance of single-pane windows.  Unhappy with the drafts, energy loss and noise through your current windows? Turned off by the price tag of window replacement? Don’t panic! Indow  has a solution for you

With these custom made inserts, you can preserve the historic aspects of your building while increasing the performance of single-pane windows by:

-  Reducing energy costs
-  Eliminating drafts
-  Blocking noise
-  Reducing condensation and mold
-  Blocking damaging UV rays.
(please see below for details)

Solution for drafty noisy windows
What is an Indow Window Insert?

Indow internal inserts are an acylic glazing edged with a patented silicone compression tube. They press fit within the existing window frames which make them invisible from the outside and hard to see from the inside. These are often referred to as "internal storm windows".

We precision laser measure every Indow insert  and custom make to fit inside window openings so you get draft-free performance, even better than double-pane replacement windows. 
Increase efficiency of single-pane windows
Increase efficiency of single pane windows


                          Main Benefits of Indow Window Inserts

Save energy block drafts
Reduce Energy Costs

Indow inserts save you 20% on your your energy bill 4 different ways.

1. Increasing Insulation "R-Value"
2. Eliminating Cold Surfaces in the Building
3. Eliminating Drafts 
4. Reducing Solar Heat Gain

Block drafts Indow inserts
Eliminate Drafts

Indow's patented compression tubing along with our precision measurements  - create a very tight fit. They seal off the window opening against drafts better than modern double-pane replacement windows.
Noise bothering woman trying to sleep
Block Noise

Indow inserts can dramatically reduce noise through single-pane or double-pane windows.

Reduce noise between 50% and 70%.
Get relief from noise from neighbors, traffic, trains and construction sites. 
Condensation on Window
Reduce Condensation and Mold

Window condensation can ruin your view, your paint, and even your health if mold forms.

Indow inserts often eliminate condensation by blocking the hot, moist air created inside the building from reaching the colder outside glass.

Damaging UV light fades furnishings
UV Light Protection

UV light can fade wood flooring, carpeting, artwork and furniture.  This can result in costly refinishing or replacement of these valuables.

The Indow inserts block UV rays coming through the windows. The Museum grade blocks out 98% of damaging UV rays.
Historic Brick Building with Indow
Preserve Historic Windows

Many historic districts do not allow for alteration of the appearance of the building.  Replacing with modern windows or using external storm windows alters the aesthetics.

Indow inserts can't be seen from the outside thus preserving the original character of the window. Architectural review boards often encourage the use of internal storm windows for this reason.

Acrylic Grades

Our baseline product. The clear 1/8" thick acrylic panel provides a great balance of comfort, efficiency and noise dampening at an affordable price
Clear, 1/4" thick acrylic insert reduces sound through single-pane glass by as much as 70%. 
Clear, 1/8" thick acrylic, resists scratching and discoloration from frequent cleaning. Ammonia based cleaners may be used.
Museum Grade
UV protection: 1/8" thick acrylic. Blocks out 98% of damaging UV rays. Ideal for protecting fine furniture and carpets.
Green tinted 1/8" thick acrylic. Shades you from the heat and damaging UV rays coming through the window while maintaining a high level of visible lighting.
Frosted but translucent 1/8" thick acrylic. Frosted finish allows light in while blocking details and outlines. Ideal for bathrooms.

Choose Your Color

Each Indow Window comes in either white, brown, or black. That way your insert will discreetly match your current window frames. Durable, lightweight and made to blend seamlessly, why replace your windows when you can simply improve them?


Why should I buy Indow Inserts instead of buying new windows?
  • Indow adds insulation and efficiency without construction costs and mess.
  • You may keep the historic windows that preserve the original look of the building.
  • Old windows contain rare, dense old-growth wood that has insulation properties.
  • It’s hard and very expensive to replicate the historic windows.
  • Indow inserts can give your single-pane windows the same performance of standard double-pane windows.
What is the warranty on Indow inserts?
We offer a 10 Year Warranty for our clear acrylic glazing against a change in light transmission in excess of 3%. The Indow compression tubing is made of silicone which resists the effects of heat, cold and ultraviolet exposure.
What color choices do I have for the edges?
We offer white, black, & brown. Custom colors based on pantone are available for large commercial projects.
How do Indow inserts stay within the window opening?
A patented compression tube presses against the inside of window frame openings and holds the Indow insert in place.
Why acrylic is better than window film?
Acrylic is a flexible, strong and lightweight material with very good insulation properties. Window films have cloudy appearances whereas acrylic inserts are transparent. Additionally, Indow inserts reduce noise.
Why acrylic is better than glass?
Acrylic is lighter than glass and does not shatter or chip. This makes it easier to install, remove, and store safely.
How should the inserts be cleaned?
For all our grades (excluding commercial grades) use mild Castille soap and a soft microfiber cloth. Your order will come with a cleaning kit. Do not use ammonia or vinegar-based cleaners with Indow inserts other than our Commercial Grade inserts which can withstand these harsher cleaning fluids.
Will high temperatures create bowing and warping?
The acrylic can withstand temperatures up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
What is the largest window inserts we can provide?
  • 6 ft x 8 ft [Standard, Commercial & Museum]
  • 5 ft x 10 ft [Standard & Commercial]
  • 4 ft x 8 ft [Privacy & Sleep panels]
  • Large windows may be divided into more than one insert either horizontally or vertically using mullions.

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