Historic Apartment's Drafts Resolved

Richmond Virginia

                                                 Internal Storm Windows in Richmond VA Historic Buildings

These historic apartment's drafty windows were resolved with interior storm windows.

These older apartment buildings in the middle of a rich cultural downtown area was suffering from too much noise, drafts and not enough energy efficiency. The property managers were tasked with finding a solution in Richmond, VA that wouldn’t harm the history held inside its walls and windows.

Mezzo Loft apartment buildings are in a busy downtown area. Their buildings run along Broad Street, the most iconic main street in Richmond, Virginia. It has traffic, pedestrians, and their noise traveling down it constantly

Historic Apartment Building with Indow Inserts

Upgrading Windows without Losing History of Richmond Virginia

Historic Apartment Building Richmond VA
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These historic buildings housed a furniture store for many years and its name is still painted across the bricks. Now the Mezzo Lofts mostly houses college students going to Virginia
Commonwealth University and the Medical College of Virginia. They are close to everything they could want: restaurants, theaters, art galleries.

All of this activity brings a lot of noise through the building’s historic windows. And while the
tenants aren’t enjoying downtown, they are studying, which generally requires peace.

The old windows were so leaky people also started complaining about the cold. 
Indow with Mullion
Horizontal Mullion used to Divide Large Window into two Indow Inserts

The Mezzo Lofts didn’t want to erase the history from the building. “Korman” the name of the furniture store that the building housed previously, is still displayed proudly on the building. That’s why they choose to keep the windows instead of buying replacement windows or putting in external storm windows.  Replacing the windows was cost prohibitive.  When looking for a solution, the property managers said they wanted two things: to decrease noise from busy Broad St. and to provide an comfortable energy efficient solution to the large, historic windows in the building. By using internal storm windows they could avoid filing with the Committee for Architectural Review in Richmond.

So, they researched storm windows in Richmond, VA rather than window replacement to keep the building’s history intact. That’s when they found Indow.

Some of the windows were so large that mullions were used to divide the window into a top and bottom insert.

SuperGreen Solutions of Richmond, Authorized Indow Dealer, provided estimates, precision-measured each window and helped to arrange installation with a licensed contractor.

"The installation was seamless due to the professionalism and communication by Indow Windows.  There were no resident complaints and the process was completed sooner than expected" - Property Managers of Mezzo Loft.
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