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Custom Window Inserts Create Comfort
Eliminate drafts and save 20% on your energy bill all-year by sealing your windows with Indow window insets.  Drafty windows make your home cold in the winter as heat flows outside.  In the summer, they force your air conditioner to work extra hard.  Window replacement is one solution, but it can be expensive and disruptive. Indow's patented compression seal combined with our precision laser measurements make a seal much tighter than double-pane windows thus eliminating drafts.   

Insulated windows make a huge difference in comfort and energy  savings and can be as easy as installing window inserts.  Whether your'e trying to keep historic windows to preserve the value of your home or want to enhance the performance of newer windows, Indow inserts will regulate the temperature to make you comfortable year-round.  
Block drafts Indow inserts
Man installing Indow Inserts
How much air is flowing through your windows?   Probably a lot.  A typical single-pane window will let 0.5 cubic feet of air, the volume of a basketball, though every minute. *  You pay to heat or air-condition that air.  By changing to double-pane windows, the air exchange is reduced to the volume of a softball.  However, adding an Indow insert to your single-pane window that air-exchange is reduced to the volume of a ping-pong ball.  Take that drafts!   

* Indow insert + single-pane performance numbers are from independent testing conducted by Portland State University’s Green Building Research Lab.
   Actual performance will vary depending on the condition of the single-pane window.
air loss window comparison
How Indow Inserts Reduce Energy Costs
Learn more about Indow window inserts reduce energy costs by increasing the Insulation, reducing cold surfaces and reducing solar heat gain.
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