Eliminate Cold Surfaces

Increasing Radiant Mean Temperatures of Room

                      Eliminate Cold Surfaces Get Comfortable

Cold surfaces such as glass windows draw your body heat away which make you feel chilly and this causes you to turn up the thermostat. 

Indow's acrylic interior surface maintains a temperature close to the room air temperature by insulating you from the cold glass.  This allows you to lower the thermostat to save money while staying comfortable. 

Insulated windows make a huge difference in comfort and energy  savings and can be as easy as installing window inserts.  Whether your'e trying to keep historic windows to preserve the value of your home or want to enhance the performance of newer windows, Indow inserts will regulate the temperature to make you comfortable year-round.  
man freezing next to cold window portrait

What is Mean Radiant Temperature?

Mean Radiant Temperature Explained

There are many surface temperatures in a room - the ceiling, the floor the windows.  Mean radiant room temperature is the average of all of these temperatures.

This is a better measurement of the perceived temperature than the thermostat setting. The thermostat regulates the air temperature at the thermostat sensor.

A person loses their body heat to colder surfaces in a room and ends up feeling cold. The closer the body is to the cold glass window surface the colder they will feel, even though the thermostat has the air temperature set to a comfortable temperature.

So bringing the mean radiant temperature up is the key to increasing the comfort.

In this photo there is a single-pane glass widow with and Insulation R Value of 1.0. 

The man in uncomfortable despite the thermostat being set at 68 F, however the cold surfaces especially the window brings the mean radiant temperature down to an uncomfortable 61 F.

Man losing body heat to cold window
Indow Inserts Increase the Mean Radiant Temperature

By adding an Indow insert, you increase the surface temperature of the window because you are creating an air gap between the cold glass and the insert while doubling the R-value from 1.0 up to 1.87.

Additionally acrylic is a better insulator than glass.

In this photo the mean radiant room temperature is increased even though the other surface temperatures have remained consistent.  This means we loose less body in the room, and stay comfortable without turning up the thermostat or putting on another sweater.

Even though the thermostat is set at 68F, the mean radiant temperature is a comfortable 70F.   No need to turn up the thermostat.

And the occupants will not be feeling the cold drafts coming through the window as before.
Man next to warm Indow Insert
This video will demonstrate insulation and the Mean Temperature Value of Indow
How Indow Inserts Reduce Energy Costs
Learn more about how Indow window inserts reduce energy costs by increasing the Insulation, reducing cold surfaces and reducing solar heat gain.
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