Commonwealth Hotel

This and example of how the problem of noisy drafty hotel windows was resolved.

The Commonwealth strives for excellence in customer service, so when they began to get complaints they took it seriously. Patrons were upset about the consistent intrusion of noise from the street, even though there was no way for the hotel to control the factors. Wanting to solve the issue but not sure how, The Commonwealth Hotel found the perfect solution.

“We used to get negative reviews online because of the noise issues. That was a critical problem because our online presence is always going to be huge. Since we have relaunched the hotel we have not had any negative online reviews about the outside noise,” says General Manager Christina Norton. 
Photo Credit - Hotel Commonwealth
The soundproofing was included in their 18-month renovation. During the complete renovation, the hotel upgraded 59 guests rooms, the lobby, the restaurant and a few other areas, as well as restored numerous historical features that the hotel is known for. *picture*

The main culprit of the noise was the Richmond buses’ external intercom systems. As they depart from the curb, they announce the next stop. This voice starts as early as 5am, obviously disturbing guests as they sleep. Patrons began to complain to the front desk, as well as fill out complaint cards. Although the staff handled the issues and offered credits, the money and time spent doing so began to increase the costs of these issues. Frustrated with this issue, the hotel consulted SuperGreen Solutions, who recommended Indow inserts.

Indow inserts can be installed into the window within minutes. With an easy and brisk process, the hotel didn’t have to close off rooms or disrupt occupancy. After undergoing an 18-month renovation, this was huge. Today the hotel receives minimal complaints, especially compared to the amount they used to get.  
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