Church Hill Window Preservation 

Here is a great example of historic window preservation in the Church Hill neighborhood.

"Give me liberty or give me death".  Patrick Henry delivered this speech at St. John's Episcopal Church in 1775 in the heart of Church Hill

Starting in the 1950's the preservation of Church Hill marked the formal beginning of the preservation movement in Richmond which has extended to the Fan, Museum District, Jackson Ward and others.

This neighborhood if full of beautiful historic homes which are being preserved.  Indow and SuperGreen Solutions is proud of it's contribution towards window preservation of Church Hill while improving the comfort of homeowners or tenants.

Church Hill Window Preservation

Historic Windows - Draft and Noise Problems

Many building owners complain about drafts and noise however they want to keep the historic charm of their home. They are prohibited or discouraged by the architectural review board from changing the appearance of their windows however replacing them with historically accurate windows is cost prohibitive. External storm windows compromise the aesthetics and are not as effective as good internal storm window inserts. Historical review boards often favor the use of internal storm windows.

We are able to eliminate the drafts, save this customer energy costs, and drastically reduce noise. Please read the following testimonial which is representative of many homeowners who have benefited from Indow window inserts.

Customer Testimonial

“I purchased a home on the National Historic Register, built in the early 1900’s. The Indow inserts
eliminated the drafts and made my windows much more energy efficient. I upgrade to the acoustic
grade which reduced the street noise by as much as 70%. I first ordered them for my bedroom and
I was so pleased I later ordered them for my living room. No more car and bus noises driving down
the street.”
Chris S. Architect
Church Hill – Richmond VA
Adaptive Reuse Window Preservation

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